The King's Head, Lewes

The Kings Head Lewes is devastated to announce the closure of the business. 

We have tried everything to make our business succeed. 


We  did not get the first huge Covid grant of £25,000 because our rateable value was too high. We challenged the business rates to no avail. So more money was personally invested into the business, aside of the tens, upon tens of thousands to start it up. 


We did takeaway ourselves in lockdown, to try to keep us afloat.


We worked all hours, but with landlords wanting full rent, and charging the highest prices for stock, and you are tied, and cannot buy elsewhere, it is an uphill struggle in a normal situation. 


Then adding on Covid, rising prices, and lack of trade, it is an impossible task.


We do not take this decision lightly, and we have lost our home, and my staff have lost their jobs because of it. 


We have had months of tears, and sleepless nights, praying something would change, and trying to think of ideas to encourage trade. 


But, we have now completely run out of any savings we had. We have lost tens, upon tens of thousands, and cannot pay incoming bills. 


I know it is a nightmare for not only us, but all businesses balancing on a knife edge, and we will no doubt be one of hundreds of thousands that go out of business. I know of so many businesses gone, and on the brink.


I would now to issue an apology to anyone that has booked anything with us. We are not in a position to give refunds with money that we do not have.


The business will now go into administration, and we will work with our accountants to close down as best as we can. 


I do wish every business out there every bit of luck in getting through this. 


The Kings Head Lewes